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The Cinnabar Collection.......embossed vase, bowls and candleholders

A Cinnabar, Roman Candleholder 3.5" H

cinnabar collection


primitive look candleholders..


B Cinnabar, Roman Candleholder 6.5" H, 5" D
C Cinnabar, Roman Candleholder 9.5" H
A Cinnabar, Pillar Candleholder 6.75" H, 3.75" D
B Cinnabar, Pillar Candleholder 8.25" H, 4.25" D
C Cinnabar, Pillar Candleholder 11" H, 5" D
D Cinnabar, Pillar Candleholder 4.75" H, 4.25" D
E Cinnabar, Pillar Candleholder 2.5" H, 3.25" D
F Cinnabar, Pillar Candleholder 0.75" H, 4" D
A Cinnabar, Beaded Candleholder 6" H
BCinnabar, Beaded Candleholder 9" H
C Cinnabar, Beaded Candleholder 12" H
ACinnabar, Classic Candleholder 7" H

B Cinnabar, Classic Candleholder 9" H
C Cinnabar, Classic Candleholder 11" H

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