Christmas Tree Ornaments

Indian Product - Tassels and Trims

Christmas Ornaments - honor cords, tassels, single honorcord, double honorcord, braided tassels, beaded tassel, classic tassels, bookmark tassels, graduation tassels, christmas tassels, fringes, beaded fringes, tiebacks, single tassel tiebacks, double tassel tiebacks, bullion fringes, beaded fringe, chairties, cords with lip, rayon honor cords, cotton honorcords, tree skirts, stockings, ornaments, giftbags, gift-wrap, brush fringe, gimps, jutefringe and trimmings.

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Christmas Blue Bell Ornament
Blue Bell Ornament 
Wholesale $ 1.99
SKU: 800
Christmas Gold Bell Ornament
Gold Bell Ornament 
Wholesale $ 1.99
SKU: 801
Christmas Red Bell Ornament
Red Bell Ornament 
Wholesale $ 1.26
SKU: 802
Christmas Silver Bell Ornament
Silver Bell Ornament  
Wholesale $ 1.26
SKU: 807
Christmas Chord with Star on both ends
Cord with Star on both ends 
Wholesale $ 1.43
SKU: 808
Christmas Silver Shoe Ornament
Silver Shoe Ornament 
Wholesale $ 0.86
SKU: 806
Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas tree Ornament  
Wholesale $ 1.75
SKU: 805
Christmas Bird Ornament
Bird Ornament
Wholesale $ 1.75
SKU: 803
Christmas Silver Ball
Silver Ball 
Wholesale $ 0.45
SKU: 809
Christmas Angel
Angel Design 
Wholesale $ 1.75
SKU: 810
Christmas Bird Ornament
Bird Ornament 
Wholesale $ 1.75
SKU: 804
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